September, 2013

Why Are Core Values Important?

All major business studies including “Built to Last,” “Good to Great,” and “In Search of Excellence” concluded: That enduring and […]

Barriers to Profitable Growth and Solutions

Every company hits very predictable barriers as it tries to grow profitably. These barriers fall into three categories: Leadership – […]

High Achievement Companies are Disciplined about Meetings

High Achievement companies are disciplined about meetings, and separate strategic planning from tactical deliberations.  In other words, high achievement oriented […]

Being Strategic is Constantly Challenging Yourself and What you Know.

Strategic planning/thinking is an opportunity to engage in free thinking and challenge yourself and what you believe.   Serving your customers […]

Do You Know Your Company’s Strategy Interrupters?

Strategy Interrupters are items that are out of your control but can cause your company huge issues.  Strategy interrupters can […]

Less Rules, More Results

We live in a world run by regulations, rules, laws, guidelines, and best practices. Deep down, we all know that […]

Focus First On Company Success

If the operations department increased productivity by 25%, yet the company missed it’s sales goal, were they successful?  If the […]

Will your company endure beyond your current leadership?

Growing a company is not easy, but sustaining a company beyond the generation that built it is even harder.  There […]

Beware Of The Peter Principle

Eventually your organization will reach a barrier to growth whereby the employees who got your organization to its current level […]


According to a Harris Interactive study of 23,000 workers, managers and executives: 22% of workers focused on organizational goals 10% […]