High Achievement Companies Focus on the Invisible, Part III

High Achievement Companies Focus on the Invisible, Part III

Having worked with over 100 leadership teams over a 30 year period one of the most significant items I have observed is that high achievement leadership teams and cultures do not follow the tide or trends often spoken about or that are present in the majority of companies.  While most companies focus on what can be seen physically,  high achievement companies focus on building what can NOT be seen.  It sounds strange but the real power that drives high achievement is what is invisible but so clearly felt.  So what are these invisible factors that drive high achievement?  To date I have discerned five factors.    In the last 2 editions of “The Strategic Minute,” I shared with you that the Leadership Team and a Strong Company Spirit were 2 of 5 invisible factors that high achievement companies focus on.  Today I will share the 3rd invisible factors: Frequent and Organized Communication.   Frequent and Organized Communication   High Achievement Companies communicate in an organized and frequent manner.   They have a well-designed Communication Tempo© that organizes the day-to-day chaos of running the business into a series of purposefully designed meetings with specific agendas.  This Communication Tempo©  is what drives alignment, achievement and significantly reduces time wasted on rumors.    Ultimately a Communication Tempo© is more than just creating fluid communication, it is about driving results.  A well designed and executed Communication Tempo© can increase employee engagement by as much as 72%.   According to Kenexa, an employee survey company owned by IBM, and their 2012/13 Work-trends Report:

  • Employee engagement increases by 49% when leadership communicates in a consistent and timely manner.  A well designed and executed Communication Tempo©  is a means to achieve consistent and timely communication.
  • Employee recognition is a key driver to increasing employee engagement by as much as 72%.  A well designed and executed Communication Tempo©  includes employee recognition and development topics.

Based on both Synergy Business Group’s personal experience and our experience of working with over 100 leadership teams, we recommend the following Communication Tempo©.    Strategic – Working ON the Business:

  • Annual Strategic
  • Quarterly Strategic

Tactical – Working IN the Business:

  • Monthly “No Surprises, Show and Tell”
  • Weekly Pulse
  • Daily Huddle
  • Semi-Monthly One to One

If you would to receive my whitepaper on “Engineering Your Communication Tempo© for Success©,” please email me at Kathie.mcbroom at thinking-organization.com to receive your free copy.

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