Say NO to PIGS in 2014 and Increase Your Business Results

The key to Business Results and ultimately profitability is selectivity. Specifically, being selective as to how you use your finite resources of time and money. Great Business Leaders know that being selective means saying “No” to PIGS (Pretty Important Goals) so they can say “Yes” to strategic goals. This is a simple concept to understand but NOT easy to implement, unless you are one of those few Great Business Leaders that seem to do this instinctively. Steve Jobs is an example of a Great Business Leader that instinctively lived and executed the discipline of saying “No” to PIGS. Here are Steve Jobs’ thoughts on saying “no” and being selective and focused: “People think focus means saying “yes” to the thing you’ve got to focus on. But that’s not what it means at all. It means saying “no” to the hundred other good ideas that there are. You have to pick carefully. I’m actually as proud of the things we haven’t done as the things I have done. Innovation is saying “no” to 1,000 things.”

If you are a Great Business Leader and instinctively live and execute this way, then Congratulations and don’t bother reading on. If you are a CEO or Business leader and are challenged with this but want to develop the discipline of increasing business results by staying selective and focused then read on.

The number 1 responsibility of CEOs and Business Leaders is to set the company vision and execute strategic goals that translate the vision into results. So how do CEO’s and business leaders develop the discipline of staying focused and saying ‘No’ to PIGS and driving business results? The answer:
• They stay focused for 90 days at a time
• They establish and use Visioning and Positioning filters

Focused for 90 Day at a Time
The key to being focused for 90 days at a time is engaging in strategic planning every 90 days with the focus of identifying the 3 to 5 most strategic business goals for the next 90 days. It is the combination of focusing on only 3 to 5 strategic goals along with the 90 day timeframe that powerfully drives execution, business results and profitability.

Visioning and Positioning Filters
Visioning and Positioning Filters create a framework that is specific to your business and drives selectivity and focus. Visioning and Positioning Filters clarify who you are as a company and what you do. Most companies try to do too many things and serve too many customers in pursuit of growth, profitability and results, when the key to getting results is rooted in focus and selectivity. Visioning and Positioning Filters are answers to simple questions and when applied to goals and decisions they are extremely powerful at driving focus and selectivity. Visioning and Positioning Filters answer the following business questions:

• “Why” does your organization exist?
• What business are you in, and not in?
• Who is your ideal customer?
• What is your revenue generating product/service offering?
• What is your competitive advantage?
• What drives profit in your company?

So how do CEOs and business leaders say ‘No’ to PIGS and increase business results and profits? They engage in strategic planning four times per year, apply their Visioning and Positioning Filters to decisions and goals, and intently focus on 3 to 5 strategic business goals for 90 days at a time.

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