Why Are Core Values Important?

core valuesAll major business studies including “Built to Last,” “Good to Great,” and “In Search of Excellence” concluded:

  1. That enduring and successful companies have and adhere to core values.
  2. Less successful companies either do not have core values or do not adhere to them.
Great organizations are aligned around core values because:
  • Humans are complex, imperfect beings driven by emotion, ego, and logic.
  • Each person leads and functions according to what they see and believe is right (their core values).
One of the most compelling reasons to have core values is because of what happens when they are absent.  The absence of core values results in:
  • Internal company conflict
  • Inconsistency in leadership
  • Unclear or inconsistent company reputation
  • Second guessing decisions
The bottom line is that “for any organization to survive and achieve success, there must be a sound set of values on which it bases all its policies and actions.”
Thomas Watson Jr., 2nd CEO of IBM
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